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SUQQU Masterclass With Morag Ross

One of my exciting day in my life! Long story short, I just moved to London about 6 months ago. I am still very new about what is going on in this amazingly busy city. Did a lot of search for what to do in London and I ended up downloading an Eventbrit app and installed in my phone. From there how I discover this event.

First thing that cached my eyes is name of Morag Ross! Lost In Translation is one of my favourite movie in whole time and I know that she is the key makeup artist. I'm such a big fan since there. Learning to be understand the makeup in film industry. I got not much influence by international makeup artist that time. I never thought that I can met this amazing human in person.

Without any hesitation I bought the ticket right away. The event was held in Convent Garden, London. SUQQU is well-known luxury makeup brand from Japan. I am not very friendly with SUQQU products before, what I know that they have amazing high quality of makeup brushes. Lucky enough for me that I can discover their brand more from this event. (re:shopping)

This masterclass she is taught us how she did the makeup for Cate Blanchett on the Ocean Eleven's movie. It blew my mind how amazing her works! I am beyond happy that I had a chance to chat with her. I really feel so close with her, feels like I know her since long time. She is extremely humble, explained to the details about makeup. And you know what? her mum is Indonesian same like me, we both are so exciting nearly yelling to each other how surprise we are. Share same Indonesian comfort food (I think that is why I feel so close to her)

I can't thank SUQQU enough for this lovely event. Find out more my exciting moment on my youtube channel.

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