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I am a professional makeup artist whose passion is to enhance natural beauty based in London.

My job is my passion and I am excited after working behind the scenes with professional marketing agencies and models, to share this passion with you in my website.

Long before becoming professionally accredited in London, Singapore and Jakarta. I realized my dream at a young age, enthusiastically touching up the makeup of my performing arts colleagues. Then, much later after much hard work and becoming professionally qualified in commerce, I made the best decision of my life to return to my passion and have never looked back.

My passion keeps burning by seeing my clients happy and proud in their own skin and what is always a variation of their natural beauty that I bring out on their performance, campaign or special occasion.

I am delighted to work with people that have a personal vision, theme or style that I can bring to life. Fortunately, travel is my other passion and I am excited by opportunities to travel beyond the London.

Aldis Setiadi

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