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When it comes to my first ever tutorial makeup on my youtube channel, I was wondering what kind of makeup that I should do for you guys. Then I decide to bring up how I do my makeup for everyday. I posted one of my makeup on my instagram and gave a caption "When your man asked to do natural makeup, hang on man, there's a lot of things to do" LOL! But it's so true. This is genuine my everyday makeup look, do you think I will have a thousand step to do my makeup? There you go...

First step, I will never ever forget to put sunscreen. I use sunscreen for everyday even when I am going nowhere, it becomes a very good habit for myself. This is my favorite sunscreen, even-though is contains alcohol but this one gave me no problem at all, consider my skin is very dry and super sensitive skin.

Next step, this is what is called complexion. My type of complexion is "Your Skin But Better" this foundation will give me that vision of mine. I am going thirty this year, everybody! I need something that will not exaggerate my flaws. But you have to remember this product will not give you coverage, you can build it up but not to cover all your problems. I like to use my fingers to apply this foundation.

Alright is time to make me blushing, I need a blusher. I use this quad palette cream blush from Elf. To be honest this product wasn't bad at all but not so great, it was ok! It is worth to buy for quad palette. This product will move around if you didn't set them up. But overall this buildable, blend so easy.

I love this Setting Brush from Real Techniques, this is such a multi functional brush in my opinion. You could use this as your foundation brush, power brush or just touch up like it says. I like to apply my cream blush with this brush. Affordable and good quality brush, I had this brush over 3 years.

Move to important step for me! Eyes! I am typical a mascara girl, I won't feel guilty if I don't wear foundation but leave the house without mascara? hmm.. is also not a big deal for me! LOL. I just prefer to wear mascara than foundation. Tighten liner, curl lashes, mascara, BOOM! Magic happen to me.

Another affordable product, it really do the job and waterproof, what can I ask for more?

I have funny shape for my eyes. This is the only lashes curler that could grab all my tiny lashes and lifted up. If you have similar eye shape like me, give it a go for this curler, it would change your world! I guaranteed!

I am not very picky when it comes for mascara, as long it will give me full, length effects and waterproof I will be happy. How about gulpy or chunky mascara? I think it just depends how you use the mascara. You could just brush it again with clean spoolie to find your perfect effect. I got a chance to try this product from LoveToSlayUK which very good opportunity for me, since this product launched, I didn't get my hand right away of this product. Then now I am falling in love with this mascara. It give me all the effects that I expected.

If you followed me on Instagram, you might noticed my Japanese brow product. This is dual pencil with pen and shadow brush. Honestly I bought this product by accident when I went to Japan for bicycle touring, Rob (my husband) asked me to have dinner at very nice restaurant. I was panicked I don't bring any makeup with me when I did my bicycle tour, then I found this at convenience store. Since then I keep continue to use this product and now I have to suffer from buying this online or ask my friends from Japan.

Then use spoolie to brush the edges.

Comes to highlight my face, Im down for this product from Tom Ford Illuminating Cheek Color. Back just using my fingers then tap it on to my top of cheek bone, brow bone, little bit at the centre on my lids, inner corner, my nose bridge, cupids bow, and little bit on my chin.

I don’t like shimmery or glittery highlighter and this one wont give me any of them. Unfortunately this product has been discontinued! SAD!!

Moving on to my everlasting MAC lipstick in Taupe, this colour just the perfect natural color for my lips! I always keeping back to this one.

Finishing with my Charlotte Tilbury powder airbsrush flawless finish in 2 medium shade.

Using Golden Triangle 974 Tappered Powder brush from Bdellium Tools then just dust it all over my face, don’t worry you wont get cakey with this powder.

There you have it! My thousand step of makeup! LOL.

Please visit my youtube channel for how I did my makeup. See you there.. Xx

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