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SUQQU GANKIN Massage Experience

After the event from SUQQU I discovered more with their skincare product. One of patented ritual is The Gankin massage.

" This particular method helps eliminate toxins that have accumulated overnight. Some people even say they never realised they had cheekbones until they had the Gankin massage. With the Gankin Massage, it releases built up tension that we hold in our faces. " Suqqu

Finally, I tried the famous Gankin massage from Suqqu at Selfridges London. To find out how I feel about this massage service go check out at your nearest Suqqu counters! For those of you who live in London go book them here: and ask for Beatrice! LOL thanks to you Beatrice (she's done the massage for me) I also end up buying

massage and mask cream the Shougasoukou kit. You will get a massage cream kit and cleansing travels size bundle. Very good value, check out in here:

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