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New In On My Makeup Kit, Lid Lacquer Surratt Beauty in Hadaka

Hello everybody! welcome back to my blog, today I would like to share my new makeup on my kit. I recently just bought Lid Lacquer from Surrat in Hadaka. I never had Surratt product before, I bought this genuinely because of Kenneth Soh. He is a celebrity makeup artist based in London. I love the way he did the makeup on Naomi Ackie for Paris Fashion Week 2020. Without any hesitate I run to Liberty London to see how the lid lacquer feels and look like. At first my intention just want to see but at the end I can't help it to swipe my card. LOL

Eventhough my job as makeup artist, I am not make any defence to buy a lot of makeup. I already know what type of products that I like and trust. Not really keen to buy a new makeup on trend except I got sent to try. But if I have to buy something new it has to be something that I really like or need (would that be my defence?)

This is the very first time of mine to try Surratt beauty. I saw a lot of makeup artist or influencer reviewing about it. But nothing really trigger me to try. Until this one.

From the packaging I feel like I bought something super fancy. Definitely that is the feeling that you want to get for this little cream for £35!! What?! Yes this is very expensive stuff.

This lid lacquer claimed as eye shadow glosses. If you heard gloss you might think something sticky but not with this one as it said. Basically this is an cream eye shadow with very high-shine finish without feels sticky. As I mention is cream so don't expecting it would not crease on your lids.

Lid Lacquer is a cream product that can be use as highlighter depends what colour you choose. I know the consequences and I don't mind with creasing. This is such a beautiful product I must say. But for my personal use I won't use it as a highlighter on my cheek since they quite glittery. They got 8 shades by the way, glittery gloss and matte.

I can use this for my everyday glam, something so simple but enhance the entire of my makeup look. I am looking forward to show you my makeup look with this one. I am in love!

I still can't say do I recommend this product. This is really a splurge, you can make similar colour and texture with your eye shadow and lip gloss or balm. But I must say this is a trendy makeup product that I ever bought.

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