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Skincare Hauls from Medik8

Hello everybody!

What another opportunity that I get. I've been reached out by Medik8 team to try their products. 100% I said yes when they want to send their products to my address. How can you not?

My job as makeup artist and (sometimes, somehow I become part-time model) required me to understand about skin problems for client and definitely for myself. To be honest I am aware of my skin problems quite recently about last 3 years. Getting to know my skin and how my skin behave and finally understand what my skin need is a key.

I am on my early 30s, had a bicycle tour for a year means that a lot of exposure from the sun was used to be my best friend (I am very sorry my skin). Now I am on the stage that my skin is very dry and getting more sensitive than before also having severe eczema skin prone.

I am quite aware with my skin behaviour nowadays, thanks to all skincare gurus and my own intelligent. LOL. I am not a pro for skincare, you could seek for more information from Dr Dray, Dr David Lim, Caroline Hirons, Susan Yara, Liah Yoo, Renne or Gothamista and James Welsh (All of them that I subscribed on Youtube so you can find them there).

Back to the hauls, I described my skin conditions to Medik8 team so they can understand what I need and I also do not want to end up not liking their products so there would be no waste, isn't it?

Alright, let's dive in one by one of the products that they have sent me.

1. Pore Cleanse Gel Intense.

Firstly, start from a cleanser. They sent me this Pore Cleanse since I explain to them that I have notice that my pores get bigger and bigger. Then they decided to sent me this. I believe this would help me to remove my daily impurities. For more information of this product please heading to their page on Medik8. It contains of variant acid such as Mandelic Acid, Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid. What I understand those kind of acid are chemical exfoliate that will help your skin to removing your build-up dead cells and excess oil that can cause dull skin and blemishes. But not everybody can handle the impact from acids. I am consider as sensitive skin so I need to be gentle to introduce acid to my skincare routine.

I must say I have very sensitive skin. My skin would react actively with sort of chemical exfoliants. My skin will become very dry and trigger my eczema to come. That is why I prefer physical exfoliator so far. Although recently I have a congestion skin because of my adult acne that comes from a contraceptives. My strategy will be using this product straight for 7 days for my PM skincare routine.

2. Gentle Cleanse Hydrating Rosemary Foam.

This could be an back up for me in case that first cleanser would irritated me. Please mind the dot colour on the packaging. Medik8 gave different colour for their range of products depends what your skin need. Black dot colour meant to be for Skin Ageing range skincare. Although this still contains acid which is Citric Acid I will treat this as my PM skincare as well. Be aware of foamy texture somehow it will trigger a dry skin as well.

3. Blemish Control Pads.

I heard Medik8 from my friend, actually she is recommend me this product and she is very rave about this product. Green dot is for Blemish problem. That is the reason why I would love to try Medik8. I used to try this similar pads and end up drying my skin. This product promising to be gentle for sensitive skin. Yeay, right on my alley. Come to mama, baby!

4. C-Tetra Intense Vitamin C Serum.

I will run out my current vitamin c serum and they sent me this, woohoo what a lucky girl am I? After searching this serum containing 14% of vitamin c. So far I have tried vitamin c serum from Kora for 12% vitamin c then CC Melano which I do not know how many percentage that they have. I am so excited to try this serum.

5. Night Ritual Vitamin A Retinol Cream.

Did you know that Medik8 anti ageing range is winning for the best anti ageing cream? Yes they are! I will introduce my skin with retinol with this cream as my little step. What is retinol? It is a chemical compound of Vitamin A. Scientifically retinol is the the only proven anti-ageing ingredient.

What I've heard, retinols don’t work equally for everyone. If you suffer from eczema, rosacea or psoriasis, retinol can make you more inflamed. So what should we do? Try to introduce this ingredient little by little. Percentage of retinol from 0.1% to 0.5% consider as mild. Use it once in a week first then twice a week then after your skin feels that can handle more you could use it for everyday. I really can't wait to try this.

6. Refining Moisturiser Lightweight Hydration.

One lucky moment, I also will running out my day moisturiser. (I recently try light moisturiser from La Roche Posay). Yellow dot is for Pore Refining skincare range. This will be my daily moisturiser right after my vitamin c serum and before my sunscreen for AM daily skincare.

7. Ultimate Recovery Intense Repair Cream.

Lastly, this repair cream comes from this haul that will help my unhappy skin. This intense rich cream meant to help your skin after aesthetic treatments. But for me I will consider this for calming cream. Hopefully this will help my eczema from collapsing. As grey dot stands for recovery so please recover my skin.

That is all I get from Medik8, I am so thrilled for this opportunity to try their products. I will make sure to keep update and be true. Skincare is very personal, is like your soulmate you can't force them to be in your life (I'm getting so deep). But is true! Not everybody will agree with me for what my skin like and not. Different needs and problems will determines your skincare routine.

One thing that I will put it up in here, you might think this is an easy job, get send products from brands then just take a picture and post. Posting, not just a posting. My reliability is count. There will be my responsibility for what I said or write. I am very honest when it comes for my skin problems. So if I end-up not liking these products I will still share, period!

I am sure the brands in this case Medik8 wanting to get response from their products and they will make improvements. I don't get paid to posting this. I do get their products and they wanting my review from my perspective as sensitive skin problem. Thank you very much Medik8 for reaching me out and trusting me to reviewing your products. I am so pleased to try these products. I will update you but not soon, because the key for your skincare routine is patience. I need to take this slowly, and make sure my skin will be okay. Also thanks to you if you read my post. Be smart consumer and be kind everybody! X

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