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Hello To The World!

I welcome you to my world, in this website I would like to take you a tour into my world as an adventurous makeup artist.

Who am I?

My name is Aldis Setiadi, I was born and raised in beautiful country is Indonesia. Lived in big city such Jakarta was give a strength. I am a professional Makeup Artist with more than 10 years experience. Representing big brand such as ADIDAS, ELLE HOMME, DULUX, and Government Tourism of Indonesia "Wonderful Indonesia".

Aside from beauty my hobby is to do sports. Since I was kid my father introduced me to mountain bike. Never thought that I could do my gap year to do bicycle touring for a year, and I did it! Diving is the important sport to do as Indonesian, I am very proud of it. But I hate running, I really do! It was very hard for me to gathered my excitement to do running, but after 5km passed it would be a big smile on my face. Also I enjoyed to do yoga.

Now I'm married woman and I lived in another big city yet more challenging is London, UK. I can wait for new excitement journey in my life.

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