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Feeling overwhelmed? Don't be!

Pre-planning before your wedding will eliminate last minute panic decisions and reduce stress levels. Every detail of hairstyle, colouring and makeup of your choice will be discussed in detail and I will personally tailor the finished result exactly as requested. We can then do a Trial before the wedding. A Trial is an amazing opportunity to preview your desired look and meet your artist prior to your wedding day. We will have a huge amount of fun and I'm so happy that I remain friends with many of my clients long after the wedding day. 

Happy Wedding Day

Understanding every bride’s situation is different.

I will be happy to accommodate you accordingly.

I would love to hear from you so please get in touch

using the contact box below and will get back to you straight away.

Ready to chat?

Regent's Park, London NW1  |  Tel: +44 770 4550 433

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